Servicios de Alimentación Vazquez & Asociados


SERVICIOS de ALIMENTACION VAZQUEZ ASOCIADOS S.L. was created by experienced FMCG people only a few years ago, and has grown very quickly, enjoying an ever increasing client base, creating many new and fruitful relationships even in uncertain times, from working solely on the Spanish market, our reputation as trustworthy and hardworking salesmen has opened new doors in Portugal, France, Germany and the UK.

The company which is based in Manresa, a small industrial town in the heart of Cataluna overlooking the beautiful Montserrat Mountain and only 60km from the capital Barcelona. Is ideally situated for quick travel being very near to Gerona and Barcelona Airports for international visits.

The company has an extensive and varied range of representations, all of which are Spanish companies, all producing high quality foods and with the flexibility to adapt to new situations and customers from distinct areas of Spain and other countries.

As agents our aim is to enhance sales with our customer’s existing client base, this can be achieved through merchandising techniques, talking to store managers and increasing the number of references sold. Our aim is to have excellent relationships with purchasers, making their lives easier and to help them source new, exciting, reliable suppliers and products which set them apart from their competitors.

Private labels are becoming more and more important in large supermarket chains and manufacturers must be flexible and meet high standards for them to work, so we get involved.

As independent agents we also have a huge effect on reducing the overheads by just taking a commission, no other expenses, this obviously makes the seller more competitive and retain control over their client base, as all orders and invoices are sent direct from the customer to the supplier. Trust becomes an important factor in all of our relationships.

Our Current Products include:

Spanish Hams (Iberian & Serrano)

Cold Meats; such as Chorizo, cured loins etc.

Cheeses from the famous Manchego area of Spain

Desserts (traditional Spanish)

Chocolates; exceptional and very traditional almond treats

Wines; La Rioja, Cataluna

Salted Cod

Cooked Meats (Franfurt, Bratwurst etc.)