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Company description

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Alimentos Cruz del Sur S.A. is a company of unique new dedicated creation and exclusively to the production of prepared plates for regeneration in microwaves or assimilated. We are bound to a group of elaborating companies and owners of fishing ships; therefore, the base of our plates is the fish.

Pescasana is born with the idea of satiating necessities more than evident in two types of consumers, the final consumer and the channel HoReCa.

To provide a Healthy, Quick, Flavourful product and secure is our OBSESSION!!!

Final consumer:

The lack of time, the stress, the desires of taking care and the inconveniences, a priori, that the fish represents, are fundamental inspirited of our plates. With what we offer to our clients prepared plates with fish base that:

– They get ready in 5 minutes in the microwaves. Heating and finish!!!
– Maximum comfort, because they don’t need a prior process to the microwaves.
– Prepared plates made with the natural healthiest and natural products, the fish.
– Without preservatives or colourings.
– Complete prepared plates from 220Kcal. Light lunch or dinner!!!
– We save you the difficulty of cooking complex fish plates, and your time

Channel Horeca:

A sector on the other hand as the Channel Horeca confronts new difficulties competitive today for today and Pescasana want to help you to face them, to do your simpler business and to collaborate definitively in your profitability. For that reason our plates suppose the following advantages

– Save money on kitchen personal and high social costs.
– We avoid the necessity of qualified personnel’s recruiting, difficult today.
– Saving in the cooking facilities, because what you need is just a microwave and a freezer.
– Working with calculated costs.
– Forget the sanitary inspections.

Our product is comfortable, healthy and quick. Caring of flavour and the elaboration

Pre-cooked paella

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Paella preprared in 5 minutes